EP 42: Dominik Pilat on Energy Bytes

In this episode, John and Bobby sit down with Dominik Pilat, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Link Labs, to dive deep into the future of asset tracking. Discover how Link Labs is revolutionizing the world of IoT with their cutting-edge asset tracking technology, blending indoor and outdoor tracking seamlessly and optimizing for low energy, low data throughput, and low cost.

**Key Takeaways:**
- **The Backstory:** Dominik shares his journey and how he transitioned from physics to IoT, ultimately finding his passion at Link Labs.
- **The Problem:** Traditional asset tracking systems have limitations, especially when transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments.
- **AI to the Rescue:** Link Labs leverages edge computing to enhance asset tracking, ensuring smarter, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.
- **Industry Insights:** Dominik discusses the unique challenges of asset tracking in sectors like oil and gas, highlighting the importance of innovation in these fields.
- **A Contrarian Approach:** Learn about Link Labs' unique approach to asset tracking by flipping the traditional architecture and pushing compute to the edge.
- **The Future:** Explore the potential future developments in IoT and asset tracking, and how these advancements can benefit various industries.

**Guest Bio:**
Dominik Pilat is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Link Labs, an innovative IoT company specializing in asset tracking. With a background in physics and extensive experience in IoT, Dominik brings valuable insights into the intersection of technology and industry, making him a key player in transforming how companies track and manage their assets.

0:00 - Intro
1:05 - What is Link Labs
5:19 - Edge Computing in Asset Tracking
11:02 - How Link Labs Does It
17:44 - Removing the Human Element
21:07 - Wrapping Up
23:38 - Your time at Kelvin Inc
24:34 - Turning Models into Actors
25:10 - Optimizing PCP Pumps
29:33 - Pushing AI Models to the Edge
35:54 - What Can Energy Learn from Manufacturing
39:40 - Why is Germany So Good at Manufacturing
45:38 - Dom’s Journey to Becoming an Inventor
54:26 - Always Wanting More
58:46 - Who Do You Follow on Social Media
1:04:38 - Favorite Board or Video Game

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EP 42: Dominik Pilat on Energy Bytes