EP 41: FRAC Data: What Liberty Energy is Doing Differently

Brian shares insightful stories from his journey, the challenges of integrating legacy systems, and the innovative approaches Liberty Energy is using to capture and utilize data for better decision-making. Discover how Liberty is leveraging cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the energy sector, including expanding into international markets like Australia and Central Europe.

**Key Takeaways:**
- The importance of data-driven decision-making in energy.
- Liberty Energy's approach to data architecture and software development.
- Challenges and opportunities in international expansion.
- How new technologies like Starlink are transforming data connectivity in remote areas.

**The Backstory:** Learn about Brian’s journey from a field engineer to leading software development and data architecture at Liberty Energy. His unique perspective combines deep domain knowledge with a passion for data, making him a trailblazer in the industry.

**Industry Insights:** Brian discusses the evolving landscape of oil and gas, the role of connectivity, and how Liberty Energy is staying ahead with innovative data solutions.

**The Future:** Get a glimpse into the future of Liberty Energy as they expand their reach and continue to innovate in the energy sector.

**Guest Bio:** Brian Weaver is the Head of Software Development and Data Architecture at Liberty Energy. With a background in field engineering and a strong passion for data, Brian has been instrumental in driving Liberty Energy’s data initiatives, transforming how they capture and utilize data to make informed decisions.

0:00 - Intro
1:36 - Liberty Frac Overview
4:56 - Expanding Internationally
9:28 - Frac Data Capture & Usage
12:52 - InfluxDB for Time Series Data
23:54 - Guest Intro: Brian Weaver
24:00 - Journey to Data Career
27:50 - Second Stint at Liberty Energy
28:20 - Slumber Acquisition Impact
31:55 - Snowflake Data Sharing
36:43 - Data Replication with 5Tran
38:58 - Apache Iceberg
41:04 - Snowflake Features
43:33 - Telemetry Data Processing
52:40 - Breaking into Data Industry
54:28 - Learning Data Skills
1:01:10 - Lightning Round
1:01:30 - Favorite Video or Board Game
1:02:10 - Favorite Open Source Library
1:03:20 - Influential People in Data
1:04:50 - Favorite Vacation Spot

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EP 41: FRAC Data: What Liberty Energy is Doing Differently