EP 40: James David Long on Energy Bytes

Discover how JD Long uses cross-functional knowledge and new technologies, including AI, to glean valuable insights and drive impactful solutions. From handling data in oil and gas to navigating ethical AI dilemmas, this episode is packed with fascinating stories and practical tips.

Key Takeaways:
- The power of cross-pollination in data usage across different industries.
- Real-world examples of AI used for both beneficial and nefarious purposes.
- The importance of iterative problem-solving and the role of tools like GPT-3 and 11 Labs.
- Insights into the evolving landscape of data science and its applications in energy and beyond.

The Backstory:
Guest JD Long brings a wealth of experience from RenaissanceRe, where he focuses on integrating innovative data solutions within the energy sector. His expertise offers a unique perspective on how data-driven decision-making can transform traditional practices.

The Problem:
Many organizations struggle with effectively using data to solve industry-specific challenges. The complexity of new technologies and ethical considerations around AI use further complicate these efforts.

AI to the Rescue:
JD shares how AI tools are revolutionizing data analysis and problem-solving, making previously insurmountable tasks achievable. Learn about real-world applications and the potential risks associated with these powerful technologies.

Industry Insights:
Gain a deeper understanding of the energy sector's data needs and how companies are adapting to stay ahead. JD's insights provide valuable lessons for anyone working with data in industrial markets.

A Contrarian Approach:
JD and the hosts discuss unconventional strategies for managing data, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and cross-functional knowledge.

The Future:
What does the future hold for data in the energy sector? Explore the latest trends and potential developments that could shape the industry.

Guest Bio:
James David Long is the Vice President of Portfolio Solutions at RenaissanceRe, specializing in integrating innovative data solutions within the energy sector. With a keen eye for cross-functional knowledge and a passion for new technologies, JD is a thought leader in data-driven decision-making.

0:00 - Intro
1:25 - AI is Getting Scary
7:05 - Stack Overflow and OpenAI
10:46 - Iterative Coding
13:01 - Foot Pedal for Voice to Text
18:55 - GUI vs. CLI vs. Code
19:40 - No Code vs Code
24:33 - No Code for Prototyping
27:26 - Best Platforms: Dual Function
33:44 - What is "Production"
35:35 - Business Logic: ETL vs Reporting Tools
42:50 - How Did You Get into the Space
44:28 - Advice from Your Dad
49:08 - The Value of Being Useful Quickly
50:55 - The Internet Routes Around Obstructions
51:51 - Shadow IT
59:30 - Moving from Analyst Excel to Controlled Systems
1:00:50 - Scaling from One-Man Shop to Medium Company
1:04:46 - Different Levels of Reliability
1:07:03 - Producto-Type
1:08:30 - Second Set of Eyes
1:09:30 - Low Code Platforms
1:12:11 - The Value of a Second Set of Eyes
1:15:58 - Learning from Your Experiences
1:16:30 - The Problem with Agile Development
1:18:40 - Importance of High-Fidelity Communication
1:22:44 - Favorite Video Game or Board Game
1:24:06 - Favorite Whiskey or Bourbon
1:29:34 - Favorite Open Source Project

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EP 40: James David Long on Energy Bytes