EP 37: Fields of Innovation: Bridging Tech from Oil Rigs to Tractors with Naveen Krishnaraj

πŸš€ Dive into the latest episode of the Energy Bytes Podcast as we explore the enthralling world of energy tech with Naveen Krishnaraj, PhD, senior data scientist at Sabanto. In this episode discover how Naveen leverages his expertise in data science to revolutionize both the oil and gas and agricultural sectors by bringing autonomous technologies to tractors. πŸŒΎβš™οΈ

πŸ” Discover how:
- Naveen transitioned from oil and gas to agriculture, applying his deep knowledge in data science to enhance farming efficiency.
- Sabanto’s innovative autonomy kits are transforming ordinary tractors into self-operating machines, ensuring precision and reducing labor costs.
- The convergence of sensor technologies from oil fields to farmlands facilitates robust developments in autonomous agricultural machinery.

🌟 Key Takeaways:
- Insights into the crossover of technologies between vastly different industries.
- The significant impact of data science in advancing agricultural practices.
- A look at the future where technology and traditional industries blend for sustainable growth.

πŸ‘€ Guest Bio:
Naveen Krishnaraj, PhD, a distinguished figure in data science, has carved a niche in applying advanced analytics to critical sectors. Currently at Sabanto, he leads initiatives to integrate autonomous technology into agriculture, making strides towards smarter, more efficient farming.

🌍 Join us in this enlightening discussion that bridges the gap between traditional sectors and cutting-edge technology, illustrating the boundless possibilities of energy tech. Don’t forget to subscribe for more insights into how technology is reshaping our world! 🌟

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0:00 - Intro
0:23 - Autonomous Tractor Company Overview
4:24 - Skills Transition: Oil and Gas to ATC
6:20 - AI/ML Applications in Agriculture
10:18 - Deploying AI Models at ATC
12:57 - Utilizing SageMaker for Model Deployment
18:07 - Edge Computing in Agriculture Tech
20:53 - Introduction to Santo
24:30 - Retrofit Kits in Agricultural Machinery
25:50 - Best Practices for Productionizing AI Models
30:15 - CI/CD Tools for AI Development
32:53 - Data Engineering Insights
36:20 - Career Path: Entering Oil and Gas Industry
40:00 - Cross-Industry Tech Solutions
44:33 - Building Computer Vision Models
49:29 - Licensing for Commercial Model Use
54:10 - Speed Round Q&A
54:29 - Influential Figures in Tech to Follow
56:20 - Favorite Cloud Platforms Discussion
56:57 - Discussing Favorite Video Games
57:16 - Top Open Source Libraries
57:48 - Where to Find Naveen Krishnaraj

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EP 37: Fields of Innovation: Bridging Tech from Oil Rigs to Tractors with Naveen Krishnaraj
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