EP 36: Navigating the Complexities of Innovation in the Energy Industry with Diana Grauer

Join us on this week's episode of the Energy Bytes Podcast as we explore the intricacies of innovation in the energy sector with Diana Grauer, PhD, Director of R&D at NOV. Dive deep into how NOV is pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technology stacks that are reshaping the energy landscape. Discover the challenges and triumphs of integrating new technologies into traditional energy systems, and learn about the pivotal role of R&D in driving industry advancements.

Key Takeaways:
- Insights into the evolution of energy tech and its impact on operational efficiencies and cost reduction.
- The crucial intersection of people management and technology implementation.
- Future trends in energy tech and predictions for the industry’s trajectory.

Guest Bio:
Diana Grauer, PhD, brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive experience in research and development within the energy sector. At NOV, she spearheads projects that aim to revolutionize the industry through technological innovation. Her insights provide a unique perspective on the convergence of engineering, technology, and business strategy in energy.

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0:00 - Intro
1:17 - People Management Challenges
6:34 - Oil Pricing Trends in Energy Sector
11:28 - Basics of Commodities Trading
18:50 - Evolution of the Energy Industry
23:18 - Technology Debt in Energy Sector
26:46 - Consumer Influence on Energy Tech
33:13 - Role of Graphing Calculators in Energy
36:07 - Project Prioritization Strategies
38:58 - Organizational Culture in Energy Companies
42:05 - R&D Risk Management
46:54 - Evaluating Compounding Tech Effects
48:35 - NOV AI Excellence Center
50:13 - Staying Ahead in Energy Tech
54:14 - Agility of Energy Startups
1:01:10 - Understanding Oilfield Operations
1:03:45 - Oilfield Benefits to Local Communities
1:12:30 - Funding Gaps in Energy Innovation
1:14:34 - Convergence of Tech and Energy
1:17:38 - Future Trends in Energy Sector
1:23:10 - Impact of Modern Technology
1:28:40 - Field Innovation in Energy
1:32:17 - Job Optimization in Energy Work
1:35:18 - Building Culture in Energy Fields
1:39:22 - Safety Protocols in Energy Industry
1:39:40 - Speed Round
1:42:34 - Where to Find Diana Grauer

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EP 36: Navigating the Complexities of Innovation in the Energy Industry with Diana Grauer
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