EP 35: Jessica Iriarte on AI & Data Driven Innovations in Oil & Gas Operations

Dive deep into the world of AI and data-driven innovations in the oil and gas sector with Jessica Iriarte, Corva's Completions Manager, on this week's episode of the Energy Bytes podcast. Discover how AI is revolutionizing oil and gas operations, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs through real-time data analysis and strategic decision-making.

In this enlightening conversation, you'll gain insights into the technical challenges and breakthroughs in implementing AI technologies. Jessica shares her journey at Corva, highlighting the transformative impact of AI in streamlining operations and optimizing resource management. Key takeaways include the role of data in operational strategy, the integration of AI tools, and future trends in energy tech.

Guest Bio: Jessica Iriarte brings a wealth of experience in oil and gas, currently leading initiatives at Corva to integrate AI into completions. Known for her expertise in managing complex projects, Jessica is driving innovation and strategic planning to leverage technology for operational excellence.

For more insights into the intersection of energy and technology, follow our series and explore how AI continues to shape the industry's future.

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0:00 - Jessica Iriarte Introduction
1:17 - Jessica's Projects at Corva
2:28 - Introduction to Corva
6:36 - Predictive Drilling Technologies
10:28 - Corva's Model Development
12:46 - Deploying Predictive Models
13:46 - Best Practices for High Frequency Data
18:16 - Corva's Hardware for Live Data
22:06 - Corva vs Well Data Labs Comparison
27:20 - Importance of Post-Stage Data
31:20 - Jessica's Background
33:40 - Overview of Well Data Labs
37:25 - Introduction to Vroom
42:30 - Rebel Data Science Insights
47:53 - Entering the Data Science Field
55:10 - Jessica's Entry into Oil and Gas
55:24 - Personal Connection to Oil and Gas
57:40 - Jessica's Tech Journey
59:24 - Data Science Career Advice
1:03:50 - Random Questions Session
1:06:24 - Favorite Open Source Tools
1:06:35 - Tech Industry Entry Advice
1:09:00 - Connecting with Jessica Iriarte
1:09:59 - Podcast Outro

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EP 35: Jessica Iriarte on AI & Data Driven Innovations in Oil & Gas Operations
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