EP 33: Inside Pecan Estimate: The Zillow for Minerals Rights with @PecanTreeOG

Dive deep into the revolutionary world of mineral rights with "Inside Pecan Estimate: The Zillow for Minerals Rights" on the Energy Bytes Podcast. Hosted by the dynamic duo John Kalfayan and Bobby Neelon, this episode features the brilliant minds behind Pecan Estimate, Tracy Lenz and Jason Hooten. Discover how this innovative platform is transforming the way we understand and evaluate mineral rights, making it accessible and understandable for everyone.

Key Takeaways:
- Uncover the backstory of Pecan Estimate, the game-changing tool likened to Zillow for the mineral rights market.
- Explore the problem it solves in the often opaque and complex world of mineral trading and ownership.
- Delve into how AI and technology are leveraged to demystify the valuation process, bringing transparency and efficiency.
- Gain industry insights from Tracy and Jason, who share their journey from identifying a gap in the market to developing a solution that empowers mineral owners.
- Learn about the contrarian approach Pecan Estimate takes in an industry ripe for disruption.
- Peek into the future of mineral rights management and how technology continues to shape the landscape.

Guest Bio:
Tracy Lenz and Jason Hooten, the sibling power team, bring a unique blend of expertise to the table. Tracy, with a rich history in the oil and gas sector, and Jason, a tech whiz, combined their strengths to create Pecan Estimate. Through their innovative platform, they're on a mission to revolutionize the way mineral rights are understood, valued, and traded. Check them out at https://pecanestimate.com/ or on their youtube channel -  @PecanTreeOG  

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0:00 - Intro
1:24 - PecanTree Oil & Gas Overview
3:59 - PecanTree's Core Operations
9:55 - Mineral Estate Appraisal Explained
11:00 - Starting Tech Stack at Pecan Estimate
13:40 - Navigating Self-Funding & Bootstrapping
17:54 - Initial ETL Process at Pecan Estimate
20:08 - Pondera Origin Story
29:53 - Entering the Oil & Gas Industry
34:37 - Educational Insights for Oil & Gas Careers
36:23 - USC Smart Oilfield Tech Program
40:34 - Real-World Application Development
41:56 - Transitioning to AWS Database
42:05 - Accessing Public Data for Energy Projects
43:44 - Spotify Model in Tech Startups
44:50 - Cloud Computing FUD Demystified
49:10 - Building Custom Solutions from Scratch
49:35 - Data Flow Architecture at Pecan Estimate
51:25 - Pecan Estimate's Predictive Model
53:10 - Analysis Time Frame for Mineral Reports
54:34 - Unique Challenges in East Texas
56:40 - Importance of Early Launches
59:10 - Mapping Software for Mineral Rights
1:02:05 - Previous Employment Insights
1:03:45 - App Deployment Strategies
1:05:25 - Necessity of New Tech Tools
1:09:25 - Programming Languages at Pecan Estimate
1:11:13 - Fun Facts About the Team
1:13:06 - Influential Figures in Energy Tech
1:13:54 - Recommended Tech Libraries
1:17:08 - Finding Joy in Energy Tech
1:18:30 - Modern Marketing Strategies
1:19:15 - Discover More About Pecan Estimate

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EP 33: Inside Pecan Estimate: The Zillow for Minerals Rights with  @PecanTreeOG
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