EP 31: From Geology to AI: Ted Cross' Journey in Energy Tech

Dive deep into the transformative world of energy tech with Ted Cross, VP of Product at NoviLabs, on this exhilarating episode of Energy Bytes Podcast. Discover how from a foundation in geology, Ted navigated his path to spearheading AI innovations that are revolutionizing the energy sector. This episode, hosted by John Kalfayan and Bobby Neelon, unfurls Ted's journey, offering key insights into the synergy between traditional energy exploration and cutting-edge technology.

Key Takeaways:
- The fusion of geology and AI in energy tech: Explore the intersection where Earth Science meets Artificial Intelligence, and how it's powering the future of energy.
- AI to the Rescue: Uncover how AI is solving complex problems in the energy industry, from optimizing drilling operations to enhancing predictive models for resource extraction.
- Industry Insights: Gain firsthand knowledge from Ted Cross about the challenges and triumphs in integrating tech solutions within the energy sector.
- A Contrarian Approach: Learn about the innovative strategies and tools NoviLabs employs to push the boundaries of what's possible in energy tech.
- The Future: Delve into what the horizon holds for AI in energy, and how professionals like Ted are shaping a sustainable, efficient future.

Guest Bio:
Ted Cross brings a unique blend of expertise to the table, with a rich background in geology combined with a profound understanding of product management in the tech space. As the VP of Product at NoviLabs, Ted is at the forefront of designing AI-driven solutions that offer groundbreaking approaches to age-old challenges in the energy industry. His journey from exploring the Earth's subsurface to leveraging AI for optimizing energy production embodies the innovative spirit transforming the sector.

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0:00 - Intro
1:15 - Energy Current Events
8:28 - Ted Cross Energy Tech Journey
9:52 - Oil and Gas Industry Decision Making
15:25 - Statistical & Physical World Integration
19:09 - Oil & Gas Industry Economics Optimization
21:28 - Ted Cross Journey to NoviLabs
23:08 - NoviLabs Overview
24:05 - NoviLabs ML Platform Insights
27:30 - User Control in NoviLabs Models
30:18 - Energy Tech Stack Discussion
32:12 - NoviLabs Success Stories
34:10 - Comparing Manufacturing & Oil Gas Optimization
37:18 - Well Interaction Analysis
41:19 - Vaca Muerta Exploration
45:40 - Future Directions for NoviLabs
48:00 - AI Impact on Oil & Gas Industry
54:07 - Speed Round Q&A
56:46 - Daily Tech Tools
1:02:20 - Connecting with Ted Cross
1:02:40 - Outro

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EP 31: From Geology to AI: Ted Cross' Journey in Energy Tech
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