EP 28: Next-Gen Cyber Defense for Energy with Class IV Founder Bryan Becker

Dive deep into the world of energy and cybersecurity in this riveting episode of the Energy Bytes podcast. Our esteemed guest, Bryan Becker, founder of Class IV, joins hosts John Kalfayan, Aka Rad Dad, and Bobby Neelon for a controversial and enlightening discussion on the forefront of cyber defense in the energy sector. 

Discover how Bryan Becker is reshaping the landscape of cybersecurity within the energy industry through innovative AI and tech solutions. From the gritty details of securing critical energy infrastructure to the broader implications for national security, this episode unpacks the complexities of protecting our most vital resources.

Key Takeaways:
- The intersection of energy and technology: A deep dive into how Class IV is pioneering next-gen cyber defense strategies.
- The Problem: Unpacking the unique cybersecurity challenges facing the energy sector.
- AI to the Rescue: Bryan Becker's contrarian approach to leveraging AI and machine learning in cybersecurity.
- Industry Insights: Real-world stories from the trenches of cybersecurity in the energy field.
- A Contrarian Approach: Why traditional cybersecurity methods fall short and how a radical new perspective is needed.
- The Future: Predictions on the evolution of cyber threats and defense mechanisms in the energy sector.

Guest Bio:
Bryan Becker brings a wealth of experience to the table as the founder of Class IV. With a background in both cybersecurity and energy, Becker has become a sought-after expert in the field. His innovative work at Class IV is setting new standards for how energy companies approach cyber defense, making him a controversial yet pivotal figure in the ongoing battle to secure our energy infrastructure.

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Engage with us and let Bryan Becker's expertise guide you through the intricate dance of cybersecurity in the energy industry. Prepare to be enlightened, challenged, and inspired.

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0:00 - Intro
2:17 - Tech Career Beginnings
4:56 - Cybersecurity Fundamentals
7:13 - Common Cyber Threats Overview
11:10 - Energy Sector Cybersecurity Challenges
13:49 - Transition to Oil and Gas Industry
19:04 - Understanding SOX Compliance
24:41 - Debunking SOC 2 Myths
27:35 - Vagueness in Cybersecurity Standards
29:43 - Cybersecurity Gaps in Oil and Gas
34:00 - Exploring the Fractional CSO Model
39:01 - Cloud Security Insights
43:18 - Bear Analogy for Cybersecurity
46:03 - Operational Technology (OT) Security
48:20 - Bryan Becker's Personal Tech Stack
54:20 - Latest Cybersecurity Tools and Trends
57:57 - Practical Cybersecurity Measures
1:01:26 - Best Practices for 2FA
1:02:07 - Responding to Data Leaks
1:07:55 - Connecting with Bryan Becker
1:08:39 - Energy Tech Night Promotion

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EP 28: Next-Gen Cyber Defense for Energy with Class IV Founder Bryan Becker
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