EP 26: How to Architect Your Oil and Gas Company from Scratch with Jeff Hughes Founder of PointFlow

Dive deep into the high-energy world of oil and gas with the latest episode of the Energy Bytes podcast, featuring an exclusive interview with Jeff Hughes, the innovative founder of PointFlow. Discover how oil operators can revolutionize their tech stacks and stay ahead in the ever-evolving energy sector. 

In this episode, our dynamic duo of hosts, John Kalfayan (aka Rad Dad) and Bobby Neelon, engage with Jeff to explore his unique journey from accountant to tech guru in the energy industry. Jeff shares his contrarian approach to traditional systems, his experiences with technology, and the origin story of PointFlow, shedding light on the intersection of energy and tech.

Key Takeaways:
- Insights on modernizing tech stacks in the oil and gas industry
- The impact of low-code software solutions like QuickBase
- The debate between cloud services and on-premise setups

Guest Bio: Jeff Hughes is not just an accountant turned tech enthusiast, but a forward-thinking founder who's shaking up the oil and gas industry with PointFlow. With a keen eye for efficiency and innovation, Jeff's expertise is revolutionizing how energy companies leverage technology. To learn more about PointFlow check them out at https://www.pointflow.co/ or reach out to Jeff directly at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreyhughes/. 

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0:00 - Podcast Introduction
1:13 - Guest Introduction: Jeff Hughes
7:45 - Launching Revolution Resources
10:48 - Cloud Technology vs On-Premise Solutions
12:24 - Field Operations in Energy Sector
15:52 - Understanding Unique Well Identifiers
22:25 - Accounting Practices in Oil & Gas
23:44 - Operating Challenges in Oil & Gas
27:10 - Standardization Issues in Oil & Gas
29:20 - Introducing PointFlow Software
33:39 - Cloud vs On-Prem Revisited
39:20 - Analyzing Energy Sector Costs
42:50 - Energy Data Security Concerns
47:45 - Exploring Quickbase Platform
51:18 - Quickbase: An Overview
53:46 - Speed Round with Jeff Hughes
55:54 - Jeff's Book Recommendations
56:40 - Jeff's Top Social Media Picks
57:50 - Favorite Databases in Energy Tech
57:58 - Preferred Cloud Services
58:10 - Connecting with Jeff Hughes

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Creators and Guests

Bobby Neelon
Bobby Neelon
Husband, Father, Baseball, Upstream Oil and Gas, R, Python, JS, SQL, Cloud Computing
John Kalfayan
John Kalfayan
Raddad, energy tech, crypto, data, sports, cars
EP 26: How to Architect Your Oil and Gas Company from Scratch with Jeff Hughes Founder of PointFlow
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